ARTstor Mobile is here!

All 1,000,000+ images from the ARTstor Digital Library are now accessible through iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch to registered ARTstor users.

ARTstor Mobile provides read-only features such as searching, browsing, zooming, and viewing saved image groups. Also try the new Flashcard View, which allows you to test your knowledge by viewing the image without textual information, and then flipping the image to reveal the image record.

There’s no need to download special software, just go to the ARTstor page via UT Libraries from your mobile device (if you have already created an ARTstor account go directly to ARTstor Mobile is only available through the Safari browser; for more details, visit ARTstor Mobile’s Help page.

Image provided by Alan Kohl, Photographer
Image credits
Image provided by Alan Kohl, Photographer.