Friday Finds: Summer and Holiday Rentals

Sommer und Ferienhäuser aus dem Wettbewerb der Woche: 10 Sonderheft der Woche. Berlin: August Scherl, 1907.

This work contains 60 designs submitted for the Summer and Holiday House competition of 1907. The submission categories are broken out by the production cost- a house for 5000 Marks, 7500, 10000, and 20000. There was also a category for house boats, which appears independent of cost. Each entry includes numerous drawings- plans, elevations, sections, perspectives and sometimes site plans and interior perspectives. The materials, location, cost, and architects are also provided. Hermann Muthesius’s article, “Sommer- und Ferienhäuser,” prefaces the competition entries.

The designs are in the vein of the Arts & Crafts, and I would be quite happy living in many of them. The personal delight I take in this work aside, it is a great resource for those interested in the Arts & Crafts or domestic architecture in Germany at the turn of the century. Because the work features drawings from many different architects, it also allows the reader to explore the varied forms of representation and drawing that architects produce.