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Das sächsische Bauernhaus und seine Dorfgenossen

Bruno Schmidt. Das sächsische Bauernhaus und seine DorfgenossenDresden: Holze & Pahl [19–]. (There are several  editions listed in WorldCat with publication dates between 1900-1921.)

The text of Das sächsische Bauernhaus und seine Dorfgenossen may not be accessible to everyone. I will admit that my German is too rusty to translate this work; however, as the book was shelved with other works on farm buildings, I guessed that bauernhaus perhaps meant “barn”. Google Translate informs me that it means “farmhouse” and dorfgenossen is related to “villages”. Despite the linguistic barrier, the illustrations are accessible and informative. Some of the drawings illustrate traditional construction techniques, others appear to represent types and plans, and some are simply picturesque and a bit Arts & Crafts.