New Books at APL: Sergey Chernyshev

Lykoshin, Ivan and Irina Cheredina. Sergey Chernyshev: Architect of the New Moscow, 1881-1963. Berlin: DOM Publishers; Moscow: MA, Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, 2015.

chernyshevLykoshin and Cheredina’s work on Sergey Chernyshev, architect and urban planner, is our most recent addition from the Basics Series of DOM Publishing, Berlin, joining the works on other Russian architects Yakov Chernikhov and Felix Novikov in our library. The authors conclude of Sergey Chernyshev:

Chernyshev’s designs can be viewed as monuments to an extraordinary architect, a man who managed to preserve rich, old traditions and lay the foundation for new ones which will undoubtedly be taken up and continued by the new masters of new Moscow. Chernyshev’s designs are testaments to the master’s talent and his role in architecture, not only in Russia and not only in the Soviet era. (Lykoshin & Cheredina, 234)

The biography is extensively illustrated with a significant proportion of the material from the family archive. The authors also included brief bibliographies of contemporary architects.