Rudiment D’Archeologie: Architectures Civile et Militaire

Caumont, Arcisse de. Abécédaire; or, Rudiment d’Archéologie: Architectures Civile et Militaire. 2nd ed. Paris: Derache, 1858

As a follow-up to his discussion of medieval religious architecture, Caumont examines civic and military architecture in Rudiment d’Archéologie: Architectures Civile et Militaire. Caumont encountered considerable difficulty when producing this study as much of this type of medieval architecture had been dismantled or destroyed. Nevertheless, the Société francaise d’archéologie determined that his completed work produced an effective system for classifying medieval war and civil architecture.

Caumont organizes this work by theme unlike his work on religious architecture. Devoting the first part of the book to civil architecture, he examines monasteries, churches, and other town buildings, specifically documenting sundry architectural elements employing often rudimentary renderings to better articulate form and function. The second part of the book explores military implements including castles. Here, Caumont dissects castle construction and design, exploring the various construction techniques and architectural elements that made these spaces effective military outposts.

Library of Congress call number: NA 1041 C376