Denkmäler der Kunst

Lübke, Wilhelm. Denkmäler der Kunst zur Ubersicht ihres Entwicklungsganges von den Ersten Künstlerischen Versuchen bis zu den Standpunkten der Gegenwart. P. Neff: Stuttgart, 1884.

Collection: Ayres & Ayres, Architects

The nineteenth-century tome Denkmäler der Kunst from the Ayres & Ayres, Architects records is an exemplary type of German cultural publication from the period. Denkmäler or, singular, Denkmal means monument, specifically a monument that celebrates and testifies to human cultural advancements. These monuments in turn take numerous iterations, as physical structures, preservation efforts and publications meant to jettison history and historical modes of cultural representation into perpetuity. Denkmäler der Kunst is one such publication documenting the evolution of architectural design to its contemporary present. This folio incorporates black-and-white and polychromatic drawings, plans and sections of exemplary architectural monuments from the Hellenistic period, including Persian, Islamic and revivalist buildings.

The Ayres & Ayres copy also includes this stamp from the Rothkegel & Co. architecture and engineering firm, a German company operating in China during the early 20th century. This unlikely find indicates the significance of the Denkmal in the professional development of the architect as the volume traveled the globe, arriving first in China before its sell to Atlee Ayres and ultimate transfer to the University of Texas Architecture and Planning Library.

Library of Congress call number: N 5300 L965 1884