The Art of Garden Design in Italy

Triggs, H. Inigo. The Art of Garden Design in Italy. London, New York: Longmans, Green, 1906.

Collection: Ayres & Ayres, Architects

English country house architect Inigo Triggs assembled a number of volumes focusing on garden design in England, Scotland and Italy. His Italian text, The Art of Garden Design in Italy, looks at historic villas throughout the peninsula as well as independent garden sites. In the preface, Triggs establishes himself as a member of a great lineage of garden commentators suggesting that his work improves upon these earlier tomes by incorporating more comprehensive visual documentation including photographs, renderings and scaled plans. These materials combine with a brief historical synopsis or anecdote to represent each garden, and, as clusters, function together to organize the book which is neither chronologically nor typologically oriented. While these materials form a disorderly corpus, the exquisite renderings combine with photographs of exemplary settings and comprehensive site plans to create an invaluable historical document of these sites.

Library of Congress call number: SB 466 I8 T8 1906, c.2